CBD Bath Salts

Our Lavender Haze bath salts are our bestselling product to date and for good reason, a wonderful blend of Himalayan, dead sea, and Epsom salts together with California grown hemp extracts and essential oils all selected for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties makes this the most therapeutic soak on the market.

  • 16 oz
  • 150 mg of CBD
  • 0% THC
  • 100% all natural
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Canique Bath Salt Ingredients:

  • Epsom Salt (sodium chloride)
  • Himalayan Sea Salt (sodium chloride)
  • Dead sea salt (sodium chloride)
  • 150mg CBD
  • Organic Hemp Oil
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Essential oils


Directions for Use:

Fully dissolve 1⁄2 cup in a warm bath for a relaxing soak, dissolve 1 full cup in a bath for deep tissue relief.

Buy CBD Bath Salts

A bath is more than a cleansing experience; it should rejuvenate your senses and let you feel the inner soul within your body and help you get rid of all the negative senses. If you want to experience such a bath we at Canique Life will make it special for you with our CBD Lavender Haze Bath Salts. Among our best selling products the CBD Lavender Haze Bath Salts are a perfect blend of Himalayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom salts that combine well with California grown hemp extracts and other essential oils. They activate the water in your tub and offer you several healing and anti-inflammatory properties. You won’t like to come out of therapeutic soak once you are in!

Fill your bathtub with warm water and sprinkle a bit of our bath salt into the water and let it dissolve and foam and you are all set to enjoy the moment. The moisturizing soak and relaxing environ would let you gather all the positivity inside and indulge in a spell of meditation. Stay soaked in the water with our CBD Infused bath salts 20-30 minutes and you will enjoy a state of nirvana.

There are several bath salts available in the market but none like outs. We have spent our time and energy on getting the extraction and blending process right and this reflects in our quality. We add to your excitement by bringing this product at the most competitive price. You aren’t likely to come across comparable CBD bath salts for sale.

Truly Natural Ingredients

If you have tried bath salts in the past, you will forget them once you try our exciting CBD infused bath salts in Lavender. The 100% natural product would transform your sense and take you to a state of calmness. The 16 oz. package contains 150 mg of CBD and is completely free of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This product has been infused with lavender oils that would offer you a rejuvenating experience. The rich aroma of Lavender would fill the space while you pamper yourself with this amazing product creating a moment of pure bliss. It not only offers you the perfect bathing experience but also enhances your senses where you will feel in complete command over your senses.

Unwind and enjoy a calming effect on your body and mind with our CBD Lavender Haze Bath Salts. We are proud to bring this exciting product to you at the best price. Grab our CBD bath salts for sale and join our long list of satisfied clientele.

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